The Lesser Light Collective (TLLC) began in 2010 when Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, Delon Lawrence, and Lee Givhan teamed up to produce The Lamb Wins, a 45-track album of songs based on the book of Revelation. The group grew to approximately 20 artists by the time they released The Lamb Wins in 2013. It was at this point that Lee Givhan assumed the responsibilities of booking manager, setting up tours all over the United States. In 2015, Lee married Hillary, and the two began working together on the ministry, booking and performing tours until November of 2017. In 2015, TLLC released its second CD, The King Dreams, based on the book of Daniel. By the time The King Dreams was released, TLLC had grown to about 30 artists and musicians.  

From the beginning, TLLC has been a collective. A total of 18 musicians participated in The Lamb Wins; 25 musicians participated in The King Dreams. Our mission has been to raise awareness of the prophecies of the Bible, but equal with that mission has been the mission to equip and empower young artists to use their gifts for God.

For the past two years, Lee and Hillary have faithfully booked, managed, and performed for TLLC road tours. They now feel God calling them to bow out of full time touring to pursue other interests. We would like to keep the songs of The Lamb Wins and The King Dreams before people, and also continue to distribute our strong product line. In addition to this, we feel it would be a waste to not share all we’ve learned with others who desire to be musicianaries. This is where The Lesser Light Collective Internship comes in...