Beautiful Bride (Rev. 21:9-27)

Music & Lyrics: Jennifer Jill & Nick Snell  Lead Vocals & Guitar: Nick Snell  Background Vocals: Deanne Snell  Guitar Solo: Mike McCabe  Production: Delon Lawrence

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Brilliant as crystal-clear jasper
It came from the heavenly sphere
It shined with the light of the Master
Twelve gates with an angel at each, waiting there
Pointing in all four directions as if to say “Come, come!
“Come from the ends of the earth to your heavenly home”


Oh, beautiful city your glory surpasses
The glory of galaxies bright
No need for the sun nor the moon nor the stars
For the glory of God is your light
The gates never close, no evil is there
Nothing unclean or unkind or unfair
Write my name in Your Lamb’s book of life, Lord
I want to be there

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bride
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful city

Perfect square measuring more than
A thousand miles long, wide and high
Three gates on each wall, making twelve, and
The names of apostles on each gate inscribed
Dressed up in jewels and gold coming down from above, above
Breathtaking bride, New Jerusalem, who do you love, love?