chords: The King Dreams

Text: Daniel 2:1-25  --  Track 8


Am7            Em7

In the ancient land Chaldea

F                   C G

In the mind of a troubled king

Am7            Em7

Came a dream of power and meaning

F                   C

Yet the dreamer forgot everything


Dm                        C

But Another who dreams of our future

Bb                       C

Will never forget what He sees

Dm            C

So let’s believe this Dreamer




Am7            Em7

The forgetter was Nebuchadnezzar

F                   C G

Who called his magicians in

Am7            Em7

But they couldn’t see much there

F                         C

They trembled with fear and chagrin


Dm                   C

Oh, children, remember the Spirit

Bb                               C

Who knows every dream we have dreamed

Dm            C

Who tells us we are highly




        C            F        Am7          G

The King dreams, He sees the future—our deliverance at last

C            F                Am7              G

The King dreams, when every dreamer fails, the King of dreams holds us fast

            Am          Em7

It’s His faith, the faith of Jesus

        F    C        

That inspires us to believe

G    Am           Em7

In our brokenness He sees us

        F            Fm

As what we at last will be

C             F

The King dreams

        Am  G F

The King dreams


    Am7              Em7

The astrologers asked for the dream first

    F                C     G

The king knew they bargained for time

    Am7            Em7

They said only gods could interpret

            F        C

And that’s when the king lost his mind  


Dm                     C

And the King of all Kings saw the drama

Bb                    C

And heard the cruel death decree

Dm                C

And He knows how to save you and




Am7                Em7

When Daniel heard of the sentence

           F            C    G

To the God of heaven he pled

    Am7             Em7

Then his God revealed the mystery

    F            C

And he went to the king and said


    Dm                C

The King of the cosmos, He painted

Bb                   C

A dream in the hours of night

Dm                C            

And shed in my mind, your servant





He believes in us


So we believe in Him

Am7            G

We have a future beyond this old world


Now tearing at the seams

F            Am7    

Because the King dreams


The King dreams