Chords: Laodicea

Text: Revelation 3:14-22  --  Disc 1 Track 7  --  58 bpm


F#m   E


Laodicea (x3)


Where are you?

(Buy of me, buy of me, buy of me, oh)


To the angel of the church in


F#m   E

Laodicea, write:

F#m                         E

Thus says the Amen, the true Statement

F#m                E

The Beginning of God’s creation


“I can’t water down your cases, I’m placing the facts flat- face them


F#m                      E

I’m well acquainted with your works, neither cold nor hot.

F#m                    E

It makes Me sick, I’ll vomit you out My mouth.


F#m                              E

Lukewarm, complacent, I wish you were cold or hot


But you say, ‘I’m rich, have become wealthy, and I have no want.’


F#m                           E

But you do not know. Who deceived you?

F#m                     E

You’re miserable, wretched too

F#m                        E

Poor, naked, blind- the basest kind.


Don’t waste your time, purchase My gold, fire refined


F#m                   E

And bright white, righteous clothes,

F#m                                 E

To cover your jaded, shameful, frightening souls


F#m                           E

Also, anoint your eyes to see, yeah.


And to free you from your pride till you see your need

F#m                                   E

As many as I love, I rebuke, hope to wake you up with uncut truth

F#m                                                      E

Turn around, be made completely new, zealous, warming up till My love shines through


F#m                     E

I’m crying for you, standing at the door, want to dine with you


Knock, knock, hello? I’m at the door outside your church, do you hear My call?


F#m                            E

To the overcomer, I’ll show the honor to sit with Me on My throne

F#m                                     E

The same way I did with My Father. If you’re hot or cold, you’ll hear My offer


F#m                                  E

I cannot force you to follow. The lukewarm church says, ‘Meh, don’t bother’


Problem is, I don’t want to let you go. I’m stretching out a hand that you just won’t hold!


F#m                                         E

He who has an ear, let him hear. I’m here, and the Spirit has told me it’s so

F#m                             E

Oh, no! I laid My life down to free you. You’re like, ‘So what? I know…’


F#m                                           E

Heaven doesn’t even attract you. You mustn’t let this cold dark world distract you!

F#m                                                                                               E

Last call for the one I love, the people judged. When will you budge? I love you”