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Who's This Girl?


Revelation 12

Music, Lyrics, Guitar & Lead Vocals: John Millea  

Production: Delon Lawrence


Who’s this girl who looks forth like the morning
Clothed with the sun?
Bright crown of stars adorning
Beauty is undone
And how did he fall from heaven
This angel on her trail?
How did the prince become a dragon
Throw God’s stars down with his tail?
She’s been faithful to her one true Lover
Through pain and joy
They gave their hearts to each other
Now she bears His boy
But the dragon, he stands ready
To cut that Manchild down
The god of this world fears that Baby
‘Cuz He’s destined to take his crown
These two fought once in heaven
And the dragon, he lost
And that victory for love
It was sealed on the cross
Jesus, servant so humble
Satan, tyrant so proud
You know how this war ends
Christ caught up
The snake cast down
So, that’s how he fell from heaven
Oh, Lucifer once bright
That’s why he persecutes the woman
She stayed faithful to the light
Who’s this girl?
She’s the true church, the remnant
They give their lives
They keep all of God’s commandments
They hold the words of Christ

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