Go Your Way (Daniel 12:4-13)

Words, Arrangement & Vocals: Lee G & Nicholas Lloyd Snell  Guitar: Nicholas Lloyd Snell  Co-writer & Piano: Jennifer Jill  Production, Synthesizer, Bass & Percussion: Delon Lawrence

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Go your way

I looked and I saw, there stood two others
One on each side of the river
One said to the man above the waters
How long till the end of the wonders?
He said, “A time, times, and a half a time
Until the power of the holy people’s shattered”

“Go your way, Daniel”

I asked the man who stood above the waters
How will things finally end up?
I heard him say, “Daniel, go your way
These words are veiled until the final days”
“Go your way, Daniel”


Go your way, go your way, Daniel
I know that you want to know all the truth, but go your way, Daniel
Don’t worry now, all you need to do is go your way, Daniel

“Many will be purged and purified
 While wicked men know deception
 They take the daily, raising high
 Abomination of desolation
There will be 1290 days
 Blessed are they who wait till the 1335 days”


“It’s not for you now to understand the meaning
 But at the time of the end, the wise will know
 Daniel, for now, you need to go—go your way”


Go your way and you’ll find in Me
A peace that abides forever
Life that’s ending never
You’ll rest your eyes, but then you’ll rise
When I come in My glory
Wrap up this earth’s story—go your way.

Go your way
Go your way, Daniel