I Want to See Jesus, Too (Daniel 10)

Arrangement: Jennifer Jill  Words: Jennifer Jill & Joshua Cunningham  Vocals: Joshua & Jacqueline Cunningham  Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Banjo & Production: Joshua Cunningham  Piano: Jacqueline Cunningham

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He was mourning for his people
Slaves in exile for all their sin
Then the dawning down by the river
Struck down and silent when he saw Him

Clothed in white, face like lightning
Gold and linen, His voice a choir Vision bright, Daniel trembling
Mercy and love in those eyes of fire

I want to see Jesus, too (x2)

Daniel fainted, angel touched him
Raised him up, said you are loved Fear not, for God has heard you
That’s the reason I have come

I want to see Jesus, too (x2)

We’re all looking for the Savior
We need, we bleed, we plead and pray Desperate cries rise to the heavens
Between the lines I hear them say

“I want to see Jesus, too.” (x3) Don’t you?