In the Midst of the Week (Daniel 8:9-27; 9:1, 24-27)

Words: Jennifer Jill & Lee G  Arrangement & Piano: Jennifer Jill  Lead Vocals: Ranny Wenur & Lee G  Background Vocals: Jennifer Jill & Delon Lawrence  Cello: David Kim  Violin: Jaime Jorge  Production: Delon Lawrence

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Daniel in vision saw a work of evil
Twenty-three-hundred years then it would end
 Wicked, the little horn who reigned a season
Then the sanctuary would be cleansed

All of God’s children wait, even prophets
Daniel, thirteen years seeking the Lord
Given the starting date, now we plot it
Finding Messiah Prince at its core


In the midst of the week
Ending sacrifice through His sacrifice
In mercy, bearing our justice
In the midst of the week
Ending offering, offering up His life
In the midst—trust it

Seventy years decreed for God’s nation
And the end, a week for the Prince
Then in the midst cut off, desolation
We have found His love ever since


We can trust it, trust the Word of God!

Trust it because Jesus is
In the middle of the twenty-three-hundred days
The seventieth week begins
In the same year Messiah the prince came
Messiah means anointed one
Jesus was anointed at baptism Twenty-seven AD, then three-and-a-half years later, nailed to a tree

See, in the midst of the week, thirty-one AD, He bled for me
Then came the weeks’ termination, thirty-four AD ended the decree
Then when we track it backwards seventy weeks, we get four-fifty-seven BC
Beginning of the twenty-three-hundred
Since He’s in the middle, we trust it