It’s All About the Book (Rev. 22:18-19)

Music & Lyrics: Jennifer Jill  Lead Vocals: Giselle Satterwhite  Cello: David Kim  Background Vocals: Lee G & Jennifer Jill  Production: Delon Lawrence

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(akouo logos profiteía to to biblia:
Very loose Greek for “Listen to the words of the prophecy of this book.”)

Add to the Word and God will add plagues
Just like the ones in the book
Take from it, God will then take your name
Just as His honor you took
Seems that the things that we do to the Word
We do to Him, personally
Seems that so often when boundaries are blurred
We’re all losers ultimately

He is, after all, God’s Word made flesh
He came and lived life out among us
He carried our sins to a hideous death
To give us the Word of his promise
When we discount it, add or subtract now
Aren’t we proclaiming Him flawed?
And who gave mere sinners this supposed task
Of judging a pure, holy God?


It’s all about the Word
(The Word that speaks through the prophets)
It’s all about the Book
(The book that sanctifies our knowledge)
It’s all about the Truth, the Way, the Truth and the Life
That paints His portrait in the Revelation of Jesus Christ

“Read it,” He says
“Obey it today, you’ll see My face on its pages
“Honor My name, and your name will stay
“In My book of life for the ages”
This book that you hold, holds the words of the Word
Let us not lose or forget it
This book that the martyrs died to preserve
Will change you if you only let it