Jesus to the Seven Churches (Rev. 2-3)

Music, Lyrics, Lead Vocals & Guitar: Jennifer Jill  Production: Delon Lawrence

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Jesus to the seven churches
This is what He says to them:

Angel Ephesus, it is I
I hold the seven stars
And walk among the seven lampstands
With love I draw you nigh
I know you have endured
And hate the wicked Nicolatians
But all the right you do
Just makes your heart a selfish wasteland
You see, My angel
You have lost the love and works you once had
Turn back to Me or I’ll remove My lampstand
Remember me
Eat from the tree
Of life

My dear Smyrna, you I love
I am the first, the last
I died and lived again to save you
I watch you from above
I know all that has passed
And tribulations will continue
Though poor, you have the best
For you are rich in things that matter
Don’t fear the hand of death
It cannot take your life forever
Their prison bars, they will hold you never
Be faithful still
And soon you will
Receive the crown

Angel Pergamum, hear My word
I know just where you dwell
That Satan’s throne is there to vex you
But from My mouth, the sword
For you have not done well
In that you’ve let this Balaam hex you
Yes, you’ve held fast My name
But its integrity you’re breeching
Yes, Antipas was slain
And yes, the martyrs’ blood’s still preaching
But you I blame for this impure teaching
Who has an ear
Let him hear
My words

Thyatira, on this day
The Son of God with eyes of fire
And feet like burnished brass
I know all your deeds, your love and faith
And yet I feel such ire
What Jezebel has brought to pass
Why will you this thing allow? 
She brings impurity upon you
I’ll make her languish now
And all her followers I’ll undo
Return to Me, only I can save you
Hold fast, look far
The morning star
I’ll give

Angel Sardis, you I write
Who has the seven Spirits
Seven stars to pierce the dark, oh
You wander in the night
You have a name so dear
But underneath there is no heart, no
You’re dead so deep within
Wake up and strengthen what remains, yes
Indifference is your sin
But there are some who have no stain yet
He that overcomes
He will keep his name
As the Spirit speaks
The Seeker seeks
Your ear

Philadelphia, I call
The holy and the true
The One who holds the key of David
An open door for all
I know the things you do
That you have not denied My name
And you have a little power
And Satan’s temple knows I love you
Before you they will bow
False Jews that many have succumbed to
But lean on Me, only I can save you
I ever live
A new name give
To you

Angel Laodicea,
The Beginning of creation
And the faithful, true, the Amen
Says you’re not cold nor hot
Your folly nauseates Me
I will spew you from My mouth then
You say how rich you are
But in reality resourceless
I’m waiting
But so far you are entirely remorseless
Buy from Me gold
White garments, eye salve precious
I stand before
Your spirit’s door
And knock