King of the North, King of the South (Daniel 11)

Words: Jennifer Jill & Lee G  Arrangement & Piano: Jennifer Jill  Lead Vocals: Christa Deana Mitchell & Lee G  Background Vocals: Stephen Acosta & Christa Deana Mitchell  Violin: Jaime Jorge  Cello: David Kim  Production: Delon Lawrence

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King of the North, king of the South
Fighting a war with muscle and mouth
King of the South, king of the North
Forever contending with wrath going forth
Caught in the midst, home of the blessed
Beautiful land, holy city, the people of God
King of the North, king of the South Fighting a war with muscle and mouth

Here comes a story of war, greed, envy for more
Three kings came from Persia, Greece was leveled by the fourth
From Greece came a great king
When he became deceased, his kingdom split into four parts: North, South West, East
King of the South became strong, his prince became strong too
Stronger than the king until he conquered him
So king of the South tries a treaty, gives king of the North his daughter
But she’s given up and dropped with those who brought her and begot her
So she dies, but from her own line will arise a warrior slaughtering the North
It gets gorier...


King of the South had it, till the North brought havoc
King of the North stands in the glorious land, war in his hand
Throws his daughter at the South like a bomb, but she abandons him
King rises in his place that begins to tax Jerusalem
He’s replaced by a vile man who breaks the Prince of the Covenant
Coming in like a flood with a mouth full of lies South couldn’t hide
Stare in each other’s eyes, thinking they’re so wise
But the end comes at a set time only God decides
The North is enraged against the holy covenant
Sets up the abomination of desolation in place of God’s government
Saints fall, some remain, stay strong, suffer pain Purified, made clean, till the time of the end
King of the North full of pride, pushed above every god
South attacks North, North attacks South like a whirlwind who won’t be stopped
North will enter the Glorious Land, and some countries escape
News from the East moves him to be a beast enraged with hate
Pitched his tent ‘tween seas and the holy mountain He’ll meet his end, be defeated
Not a soul will help him!