No Other Way (The Seven Plagues) (Rev. 15:5-16:12)

Music & Guitar: Jennifer Jill  Lyrics: Jennifer Jill & Lee G  Lead Vocals: Alison Brook  Rap: Lee G  Production: Delon Lawrence

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The baby starves, the wounded dies
The poor toil on, the martyr cries
Entering the ears of Sabaoth
The tyrant rides upon the back of slaves
And plans his next attack
Leaving Him who loves His children no other way, no
No other way, no, no

The tyrants feed their greedy hearts
Sell their sons for body parts
Creator’s own creation turns to foe
Pimps scan the streets in hot pursuit
Force little girls to prostitute
Helpless cry of pain leaves Jesus no other way, no
No other way, no, no

Can infinite patience say, “This is enough!”
Can God hate and still be the definition of love?
Sick of sin, but can’t get rid of it without destroying sinners
Almost seems like there’s no winners
Seven churches, seven seals for the remnant
The seventh trumpet peals, reveals who’s really in it
Temple opens wide, angels fly in white linen
Judgment time is ripe, you can tell it by the gold bowls spillin’

No other way, no
No other way, no, no

His holy place, His temple-heart, open as if torn apart
Strange act of the One who loves us so
The wrath of God, the painful dregs
Out they flow, the seven plagues
Down upon the ones who gave Him no other way, no
No other way no, no

Loud voice cries, and the bowls start spillin’
First grows sores on the skin of each villain
Who worships the beast image
Second bowl pours
Sea turns to blood, kills every creature in it
The river and the springs with the third bowl change
Into blood, angels say, “It’s God’s justice.”
The fourth angel poured, sun scorches fire
Fifth hits the beast, thick darkness for the liar
Then it’s the Euphrates River, the sixth dried up
Seventh, the earth breaks, but hearts only harden

He died upon a Cross of hell
Felt His soul torn from itself
Went where no one else will ever go
Now, worthy is the Lamb slain
Worthy is the Prince of pain
Worthy is the One who could find no other way, no
No other way, no, no other way