Take My Word (The Little Book) (Rev. 10)

Music, Guitar, Lyrics & Vocals: Jennifer Jill  Background Vocals & Rap: Lee G  Production: Delon Lawrence

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Angel from heaven with a rainbow-cloud
Face and feet burning
And clothed with a cloud
Little book in hand
It gave a lion’s roar
And the seven thunders pealed
As they stood upon the shore

John was just about to write
But from heaven he heard “No!”
“You must seal up the words
Of the seven thunders’ woe”
And the angel on the shore
Raised his right hand up to say
“I swear by the Creator
There will be no more delay.”

You must take my word!


Take my word, oh
Take my word, take my word for it
Take my word! Take my word
If you want to know the prophecy then take my word

“The mystery of God is finished,
Don’t you know?
When the seventh-angel trumpet
Is just about to blow”
That voice from heaven thundered
Down the glittering shore
When it told John to do something
That pierced him to his core

He said, “Take the little book
Which is open in the hand
Of the angel who is standing
On the sea and on the land”
The angel held the book out
With the warning, “Tell you what-
In your mouth it will be sweet
But it will sour in your gut, but”
You must take my word!


The Bible’s a reliable historical document
Never claimed to be a fable
Like fairies and goblins.
William Miller stopped when he discovered
Daniel 8:14
And he got on top of it.
Of all time prophecies, it was the longest
Those who wait on God
Are considered the strongest.
If you want to know the prophecy
Then take my word.

I think we all can see
How the prophecy applies
Those bitter disappointments
Help us all to realize
That God’s timing is as perfect
As our understanding flawed
And our failed interpretations
Drive us to the Word of God.
He says, take My word.