That Little Horn Again (Daniel 8)

Words, Arrangement, Guitar & Lead Vocals: Jennifer Jill  Accordion & Piano: Bryant Sylvester  Production & Percussion: Delon Lawrence

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In the third year of the reign of King Belshazzar
 Daniel saw another vision one day
 He was standing in Suza by the Ulai Canal
 There was a two-horned ram in the way
 It went west, it went north, it went south in his pride
 It was oh, so narcissistic in heart
 Then a goat came from the West with a horn between his eyes
 And shattered the ram’s horns all apart

Now, walking on the ram, the goat puffed himself up
 But his horn broke to make way for four
 Then out of one horn—there he was—that little one He tried to knock, knock, knock down heaven’s door
 He climbed up into heaven, swept some stars to the ground
 He huffed and puffed and proudly said, “I will”
 He took away the daily, threw the sanctuary down Then trampled on the truth, yet prospered still

That little horn again!

Now Gabriel the angel called the prophet, “son of man”
But he passed out before his heavenly friend
Angel woke him up and told him, “I will help you understand
For the vision pertains to the time of the end”
He said, “The ram is Medo-Persia, the two horns the kings The goat’s four horns are kings, too
At the end of their rule there will be another king
A manipulative destroyer through and through”

That little horn again!

“Now all the other kings, they lifted up themselves
 But this one climbed higher than them all
 And he fights the Prince of princes with the arsenal of hell
 Till heaven’s forces push him off the wall”

The angel finished speaking, Daniel oh, so confused
 He longed to see God’s people free at last
 Now his hopes were interrupted by this little horn dude
 He carried on, but kept thinkin’ ‘bout that bombast
That little horn again!