The Harvest Time (Rev. 14:14-20)

Music, Lyrics, Lead Vocals & Guitar: Jennifer Jill  Production: Delon Lawrence

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A white cloud-throne, the Son of Man, a golden crown, a sickle sharp
John saw all this, then heard, “Put in your sickle! Reap!”
“The earth is ripe, the time has come,” the angel cried with all his heart
And Jesus reaped the earth, a harvest He would keep


The end will come, probation close
You’ll have to live or die with what you chose
But the mystery of the moment of the harvest time
Only God knows

Another one, an angel came, through temple gate with altar fire
And said to one, “The clusters of the earth are ripe!”
“Put in your sickle!” and he did; and threw the grapes that he’d acquired
Into God’s great winepress with a single swipe


Now here’s the shock: there were so many grapes that blood flowed everywhere
Two thousand miles and deep as horses’ bridles high
One almost wonders why the Savior lived and died, our sin to bear
His blood has flowed already, but they spurned it. Why?