The King Dreams (Daniel 2:1-25)

Words: Jennifer Jill  Arrangement & Piano: Christa Deana Mitchell  Vocals: Christa Deana Mitchell & Neville Peter  Organ & Strings: Bryant Sylvester  Cello: David Kim  Choir: Precious volunteers from the Philadelphia/New Jersey/Allentown/Delaware areas Production: Delon Lawrence

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In the ancient land Chaldea
In the mind of a troubled king
Came a dream of power and meaning
Yet the dreamer forgot everything

But Another who dreams of our future
Will never forget what He sees
So let’s believe this Dreamer, please

The forgetter was Nebuchadnezzar
Who called his magicians in
But they couldn’t see much there
And they trembled with fear and chagrin

Oh, children, remember the Spirit
Who knows every dream we’ve dreamed
Who tells us we are highly esteemed


The King dreams, He sees the future
Our deliverance at last
The King dreams, when every dreamer fails
The King of dreams holds us fast

It’s His faith, the faith of Jesus
That inspires us to believe
In our brokenness
He sees us
As what we at last will be
The King dreams!

The astrologers asked for the dream first
The king knew they bargained for time
They said only the gods could interpret
That’s when the king lost his mind

And the King of all kings saw the drama
And heard the cruel death decree
And He knows how to save you and me

When Daniel heard of the sentence
To the God of heaven he pled
Then his God revealed the mystery
And he went to the king and said

And the King of the Cosmos painted
A dream in the hours of night
And shed in the mind of the prophet, light!

He believes in us, so we believe in Him
We have a future beyond this old world
Now tearing at the seams
Because the King dreams!