The Lamb Wins

Music, Lyrics & Piano: Jennifer Jill  Lead Vocals: Alison Brook & Matthew Resendez  Choir: Volunteers from REACH Philadelphia SDA Church Cello: David Kim  Production: Delon Lawrence

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Children, do not fear
All the kings and beasts of history
Prideful, strong and cruel
Climbing toward the great I AM
Ultimately fail
And the power of love, the mystery
Wins the war at last
Through the weakness of the Lamb


See how the story ends before the end begins
The Lamb wins, the Lamb wins
The war of good and evil
Praise to the One
Who triumphed over all our sins
The Lamb wins, the Lamb wins!

In the midst of beasts
See the harmless One come softly
Meek and lowly King
With a crown of sacrifice
See humility overcome the proud and lofty
See Him conquer death
Through the giving up of life



Worthy, Jesus is worthy
Yes, He is worthy; for He is love
Glorious, and yes, victorious
He triumphs over all, and over us!
Praise Him, our God did raise Him
To reign forever, forever more
Crown Him, gather around Him
And be astounded as love wins the war