The Little Horn Takes the Stage (Daniel 7)

Words, Arrangement & Piano: Jennifer Jill  Lead Vocals: Lee G  Background Vocals: Jennifer Jill & Stephen Acosta  Violin: Jaime Jorge  Cello: David Kim  Percussion & Production: Delon Lawrence

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Prophets portray the nations as creatures
So say the eschatology teachers
Drama played out, narrated by preachers, now

Many years after Nebuchadnezzar
Prophecy came, first year of Belshazzar
Wind on the sea, then four predators— Wow! 

Lion with eagle wings, it towered
Lopsided bear, all others devoured
Four-headed leopard, it overpowered the bear 

Then came the fourth, defying description
Crushing and cruel cold-blooded mission
From the ten horns, a little horn makes us stare
And the little horn takes the stage

Small things can become big things
Plucking out three kings, eyes of a man
And boasting, posturing, bragging
Rising up angry, that moment when
When the little horn takes the stage

Just at the moment evil comes raging
Calling an end to the wars and the waging
Who comes along and moves all the staging?— God!

Ancient of Days, white hair and white robe
River of fire flows from His white throne
Myriad angels, all of the globe is— Awed
When the little horn takes the stage

Big things can become small things
If they usurp the King of Kings and persecute saints
And tamper with God’s commandments
Claiming to be Him when he certainly ain’t
When the little horn takes the stage

Into the fire, you cruel persecutor
System of shame, you child abuser
Intending to change God’s holy seventh
Trampling the cross

Blaspheming heaven
You’re a bane to life on earth
A blight, a plague An ever-corrupting curse
Deceiving the world, but prophecy speaks And we will know who you are
When the little horn takes the stage