The Seven Seals (Rev. 5-8:1)

Music, Lyrics, Lead Vocals & Guitar: Jennifer Jill  Additional Guitar: Jon Mall  Background Vocals: Naomi Jackson  Production: Delon Lawrence

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John in vision, the revelation, he saw a sealed-up book
Tears fell down for no one was found
Who could break the seals and look
“Stop that cryin’ for Judah’s lion will open up your book!”
And we cry, “Worthy, worthy, is. . .

Soon a lamb came, a lamb that was slain, with seven horns and eyes
Took the scroll from Him on the throne
And the elders fell to rise
Harps a’ playin’ and saints all prayin’, hear their solemn cries
“Worthy, worthy, is. . .


Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
To receive power and riches and wisdom and might
And honor and glory and blessing

First seal broken, the scroll was opened to show a horse of white
Bow in hand, riding o’er the land
Was the rider oh, so bright
Conquering and to conquer he dispelled the shades of night
Yet “Worthy, worthy, is. . .”

Second seal broke, the calf-faced one spoke, “Come now, horse of red”
Out he roared brandishing a sword
There was war within his tread
Peace was gone as he traveled on through the fields of maimed and dead
Yet “Worthy, worthy, is. . .


Third seal gone and another one on a horse as black as sin
Scales in his hand, he rode through the land, a gray horse after him
Death and hell, and the sword as well, famine, pestilence came in
Yet “Worthy, worthy, is. . .

Fifth seal, martyrs cried, “How long, how long?”
The answer came, “Wait a bit more”
Sixth seal, a severed sky, earthquake, black sun, red moon
The kings and the rich and the strong could not stand
Crying, “Hide us from the wrath of the Lamb”
And we cry, “Worthy, worthy, is. . .

After violence, there came a silence, the sealing of the saints
White robes gleaming and faces beaming
They enter heaven’s gates
The song must now end at seal seven, but let’s not hesitate
To cry, “Worthy, worthy, is. . .