The Statue (Daniel 2:26-45)

Words, Arrangement, Vocals & Guitar: Jennifer Jill  Piano: Bryant Sylvester  Production & Additional Instrumentation: Delon Lawrence  Background Vocals: Stephen Acosta

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Daniel came before the king and as he spoke that day
The king’s lost memory began to play
He’d seen a statue in the night, a towering column
A prophecy of monarchies to come


And he saw a head of gold, chest and arms of silver
Belly and thighs of brass in the dream appeared
Legs of iron, feet of clay and iron
It was scary, it was shocking, it was frightening, knees were knocking
The effect was to disquiet, because no one could deny it, It was weird!

Daniel then interpreted, “You are this head of gold”
This is what the king had oft’ been told
But Daniel bravely ventured on, “Another king will come”
Touching on the silver chest and arms 


“And then another,” Daniel said, referring to the thighs
And some would think his honesty not wise
But Daniel said unflinchingly, 
“The iron legs come next
 To trample out the power of the rest”


Daniel’s narrative went on, “The feet of iron and clay”
Never have they merged, still to this day
And finally, the kingdoms’ end, a stone randomly hurled
That crushed them all and grew to fill the world