The King Dreams Reviews


I just downloaded the album and narration.  As always your work presses into uncharted territories in Adventism.  I am excited about the possibilities of outreach via The King Dreams and Loud Cry Media.  No doubt you will receive accolades along side of condemnation but be of good courage and press on toward that day Daniel spoke when Michael shall reign. The sign of a great CD is to grow upon your psyche the more you hear it. – Glen of Loudcry Radio

This modern cantata rocks with freshness and originality! LLC managed to merge the sounds of alternative folk, rap, electronica/electropop, blues, classical music and beyond into a unique and homogenous genre you won’t find anywhere else, and that with an impeccable production edge. Even if you heard The Lamb Wins, you’ll be in for a number of surprises – some new styles and instruments introduced, which worked outstandingly well. And making Martin Luther King’s speech a song which perfectly (and with multiple puns) reverberates the message of Daniel – ingenius! A fitting musical celebration of the book which led and will lead many to find wisdom and shine eternally. –Matija

I received my package in the mail on Friday and listened to the CD yesterday afternoon. Another awesome, inspiring piece of work! God really worked through you all. I know God will continue to pour out His blessings as you tour. –Paula

“They’ve done it again . . . This diverse collection of current and relevant songs takes the listener on a journey through the book of Daniel. If you enjoyed The Lamb Wins, you’ll love this!”  –Justin

“Sitting here this Sabbath afternoon listening to the new album and love it.”  Brian

“I am wonderfully blessed and impressed by The King Dreams.”  Mark