Vision of Jesus (Rev. 1:9-20)

Music, Lyrics & Guitar: Jennifer Jill  Lead Vocals: John Millea  Background Vocals: Alison Brook  Production: Delon Lawrence

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It was Sabbath on Patmos, that island-jail
I was there for the Word and the witness
I was filled with the good Ghost on sandy shale
I was thinking back over the distance

When I heard from behind me a trumpet sound
Saying, “Write in a book what you’re seeing
“Then tell all of the churches from Ephesus down
“What the Spirit of truth is revealing”

When I turned, Son of Man stood, in long white robe
Golden belt, white hair, eyes a-flaming
With those burning brass feet, so solemnly strode
Through the candlesticks soon He’d be naming

See, the candles were churches, the stars in hand
Were the messengers sent to correct them
And the sword from His mouth was His Word-command
Which would slay, but then finally protect them


Vision of Jesus; fill our eyes with lovelight
Children don’t worry, when the sky turns to dark night

I fell dead as His feet, trembling, fearful one
But He laid His right hand on my shoulder
“Fear not” He said kindly, “death is undone”
“I have proven My love to be bolder”

“I am holding death’s keys, I have conquered at last
“But the controversy must be unfurled
“The visions you’ll see will reveal the past
“And the future events of this lost world.”