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I just downloaded the album and narration.  As always your work presses into uncharted territories in Adventism.  I am excited about the possibilities of outreach via The King Dreams and Loud Cry Media.  No doubt you will receive accolades along side of condemnation but be of good courage and press on toward that day Daniel spoke when Michael shall reign. The sign of a great CD is to grow upon your psyche the more you hear it. – Glen of Loudcry Radio

This modern cantata rocks with freshness and originality! LLC managed to merge the sounds of alternative folk, rap, electronica/electropop, blues, classical music and beyond into a unique and homogenous genre you won’t find anywhere else, and that with an impeccable production edge. Even if you heard The Lamb Wins, you’ll be in for a number of surprises – some new styles and instruments introduced, which worked outstandingly well. And making Martin Luther King’s speech a song which perfectly (and with multiple puns) reverberates the message of Daniel– ingenius! A fitting musical celebration of the book which led and will lead many to find wisdom and shine eternally.


I received my package in the mail on Friday and listened to the CD yesterday afternoon. Another awesome, inspiring piece of work! God really worked through you all. I know God will continue to pour out His blessings as you tour. –Paula

“They’ve done it again . . . This diverse collection of current and relevant songs takes the listener on a journey through the book of Daniel. If you enjoyed The Lamb Wins, you’ll love this!” –Justin

“Sitting here this Sabbath afternoon listening to the new album and love it.”  –Brian



The more I listen to The Lamb Wins the more blowed away I get…it’s a game changer….the angels might be singing it when Christ comes. – DA

I love this album! It’s creative and very professional. It inspires me to dig deep into God’s word and allow God to win in my heart. Thank you and God bless. – Katty

My two tall daughters, son, and I met [Jennifer] at the [2015 Seventh-Day Adventist General Conference], came to buy Billy Otto albums… and decided to buy your album and a T-Shirt. We have been praising God ever since! It is a stupendous album in every respect. (We even have a picture with [Jennifer], Lee, and Delon… that we now prize! :D) In fact, it is so good, that we would like to start promoting it… we just have zero experience in doing this… but I think that every Christian (and non-Christian) radio station should hear and play this display of God’s musical and lyrical genius! –Claudine

I listen to this work (The Lamb Wins) frequently and am constantly blessed and amazed. From the professionalism of the musicianship to the Spirit-inspired songs, the blessing of our God and Father is bountifully apparent. I join you all in giving glory to the Lamb who sits upon His throne. He alone is worthy. –Jeffrey


I am listening right now and I get more out of it each time I listen. It seems the underlying message that the Lamb Wins is clearer and clearer. Thank you for all the hard work. I tell everyone I know about this and those that listen say they are impressed. I told a non SDA friend and I’m still waiting to hear from him.  I am praying that he sees it is not so hard to understand this Great message. –Richard

Dear Jennifer, Just a quick note to thank you for the blood, sweat, and tears that went into realizing The Lamb Wins project. I ordered it for myself for Christmas and have been so blessed by it. I incorporated the song by that name into my first adult Sabbath School program of the new year (along with a bit of information about the project and where to obtain it), and the congregation was also blessed. While recuperating from eye surgery in early January, I played the CDs to relax, reassure, and spiritually fortify me. Thank you. Thank you. –Carolyn

“One of the co-workers I shared the album with (with whom I’ve also been doing Bible studies) came to the concert with his wife and mother. They LOVED it…said it was even better live than on the CD. Another atheist friend of mine who I shared the album with went out of his way to call me to tell me how impressed he was and how much he enjoyed TLWs. He also said that he recognizes that part of my purpose in sharing with him was for the spiritual component, and that he’d be happy to discuss that at some point (I’ve tried to witness to him in the past but it ended up in a cul-de-sac).” –Cellist David Kim

“I absolutely love the beautiful music of the album The Lamb Wins. Clearly talented people performing a timely message, and with powerful arrangements that I feel will appeal to a broad range of tastes.” –Linda

“Just bought the album today and downloaded it. I’ve listened to the whole thing. I really like it, and the modern creativity and raw music you all put together is phenomenal. God worked through everyone’s specific talents and brought everything together like an orchestra of cultural creativity. So awesome. I really feel like this album is a piece of heaven. I love it. I personally grew up loving many, many different styles of music, mainly cuz I learn most about cultures and situations through music. My style of guitar playing is folk, but I love all different genres. The spoken word, folk, classical, bluegrass, and urban hip hop all meshed very well together. May God bless you all as you make music videos for everything… I can’t wait to see that!” –Courtney

“Narration is great, as is the music! Wonderful, enduring work.” –Robert

“We are giving Revelation Seminar Bible studies and after the lessons we play the part of The Lamb Wins that covers what our study was over. The recipients really like that and they gain new insights that weren’t there before. A great addition to our studies.” –Carlene

“Wow I love the ministry you guys have going.. I am thoroughly blessed and impressed! It’s so creative and cool and refreshingly different.. Incredibly inspiring to me! God bless you guys!” –Rose

“After playing the album, repeatedly, I was ecstatic to hear that TLW was coming to my church. Rarely before have I been so inspired by a group of musicians. The project encouraged me to dig deeper into the Revelation that provides such hope – the Lamb DOES win!” –Justin, Sarasota Symphony Orchestra

“I am the Laodicean church, I have been Adventist for many years attended a bible college and am a “leader” at my church. But my heart is empty and hungry for a deeper understanding of spiritual truth, especially in the book of Revelation. I took a whole course on this subject some years ago and just surface memorized and regurgitated what I needed to do. Recently, after hearing the song “Nobody Laughs” it shocked me. I had never heard a more truthful song, it reminded me of what I vaguely knew/studied from Revelation long ago. I got a hold of the CD did a lot of reading about how it was made and listened to all the songs and a DEEP yearning came over me to study these truths for myself this time with the purpose of being cured from my spiritual sleep and to fall more deeply in love with Jesus. Keep me in prayer, I need to push through a lot and allow God to teach me and I am worried that I’ll learn this but it won’t penetrate into my heart.” –Anonymous

“I saw your group perform in West Wilmington SDA, which is my home church. I work for the local Presbyterian church under grant money running an after school program for the children in our neighborhood. I immediately shared some of the work you have online with my class and they were hooked. Now in class when they share a story about bullying someone or are being mean to each other in class we always bring it back to who wins? Not the aggressor and they tell me, ‘The Lamb Wins.’” –Heather

“I recently started studying the book of Revelation, and had a desire to visit an Adventist church. God brought that all together for me this morning! My nephew and I visited the Ceres, CA church on the day that the group sang the book of Revelation! I commented to my nephew, Tom, at the beginning of the service, I want to hear some good music. WOW, did God deliver! It was awesome! I enjoyed the beautiful mix of styles. I just signed up for the 12 week course. So looking forward to that! Thank you Heavenly Father for them, and for guiding me to be there that day.”  –Mike

“Dear gifted brothers & sisters, I felt the need to express to you the amazing way God is blessing & touching my heart through your ministry. I know that the Holy Spirit was speaking to many of us at the Calistoga SDA church several Wednesday evenings past when Revelation was revealed in such a way as never before. Thank you so much. I am praying for you all. Blessings,” –Micki

“Can I just shout out to everyone right now that Jennifer Jill Schwirzer’s  “The Lamb Wins” CDs (with narration in my case) are comforting, refreshing & stimulating. As a musician & fairly brainy individual, I love how much diversity & creativity went into all the songs & into the paraphrasing of the narration so that substance would not be muted and so that it wouldn’t appeal to just one group. I think it’s amazing and I think you all should buy it. The book of Revelation in the Bible is incredible, beautiful, exotic, transcendent, relevant and important. Nevermind the fear-preaching that’s been done on it to try & scare people into salvation. Order these CDs, seriously. And be ready to open up for a new experience that I believe you’ll ultimately appreciate Very Much.” –Chloe

“I am wonderfully blessed and impressed by The King Dreams.”  –Mark

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Music made, relationships forged with The Lamb Wins

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A letter to Jennifer:

Greetings sister! Just a word to let you know how thoroughly blessed I have been reading this book and completing the study sheets. God has truly blessed you with a talent for writing in a way that strikes deeply into a heart like mine. I praise Him for this. Making The Lamb the focal point of everything is a completely new perspective for me. It really changes everything!


A few months ago I experience conversion in a way that was not unlike Saul’s conversion to Paul. The short story is, that when 8/22/2014 dawned, I was an atheist. I was raised in SdA schools, fell far away when I was teenager, and stayed far away until I was in my mid-20s. During a 3-4 year period, I made a serious attempt at being a solid SdA Christian. Anybody who knew me at the time would agree that this attempt was a stunning success. But… although I knew all the right things and did good works, I was never converted. It was a works program pretty much. I eventually gave up and quickly backslid farther away than before. At 30 or so, I considered myself agnostic; by 40 I was a confirmed atheist, completely convinced that gods and religions were tools of control… opiate of the masses, if you will. The explanations offered by modern science to explain the universe were sufficient for me. Then 4.5 months ago things changed.

With no warning or inkling of any impending event, I inexplicably sat down at my computer that afternoon, went to, and started reading at the beginning of John 14. I can’t emphasize enough how out-of-the-blue this was. Except for supernatural ones, I have no explanation for why I did that. I inexplicably kept reading and by the time I was into Acts 3, I was broken. I fell to the floor and asked God to save me if He could. In retrospect I now know that, by His grace, I was somehow able to submit completely to Him in that moment. I can imagine the Elohim standing over me while I was sitting at that computer. They had been waiting for years for this moment, knowing that this was the perfect moment to strike. I had repeatedly push God away so many times that I’m certain the only way He had authority to do what He did was because of the prayers of my father and others.

What They did was this: Jesus, my Creator and Redeemer, introduced Himself to me for the first time. Being raised SdA, years of very sincere Bible study and prayer… none of that ever presented a moment to me like this. I knew it was now or never for me. Praise Jesus and all glory to the Father, I said yes. When I stood up, I knew I was a different man. Destructive compulsions (tobacco, porn, dark entertainment pursuits, eating like I was trying to kill myself) miraculously gone. Oh, how I praise Him for this! I still can’t get over it. In fact, I believe it is going to be nearly impossible for me to ever get over it. I fell head over heels in love with Jesus from that moment on. All I’ve wanted since then is to do everything in my power to get to know (ginosko) Him more. (Of course it turns out He does all the work on that, too! I just keep saying “yes”.)

And now… your writing and music has given me a whole new frame. I believe that He gave this to me personally because He knew how well it would work for my particular soul. Following the Lamb whithersoever He goeth… this is all I want. Even if I’m not in that number, I want Him to have maximum glory when it’s time for the feast.

OK, I see I’ve gone on much longer than I intended. Isn’t it hard to stop talking about Jesus once you get started? I think I’ve said enough. The Lamb Wins theme song is heavenly… truly. If it’s OK with you, I want to order the CD and get some of this music onto our independent SdA radio station. (WHNJ FM in Big Pine Key, FL, and online at

May our great God continue to pour out His blessings out on you and your ministry.

Love in Christ,


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