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Got a question? Check out some of the FAQs below to see if we've got an answer for you. If you don't see the answer to your question below, then head on over to our contact page and send us a note! 


1. What is The Lesser Light Collective (TLLC)? 

A group (or collection) of 30+ Adventist artists that seek to use our God-given artistic talents to uplift Jesus Christ in His Word. To learn more about how we got started, click here.

2. Why the name? 

Jesus is the greater Light, so we are the lesser light pointing to the greater Light.

3. Are you planning to make any more music albums?

We currently have a new project in the works! Stay tuned!

4. How can I get the music?

You can purchase physical CDs and digital downloads of the music from our online store. You can also purchase the music on iTunes. You can stream the music through SpotifyYouTube, and right here on our website!

5. Can I get sheet music, chords, or instrumentals?

Yes! The chords for many of our songs are available for free here. Instrumental versions of the albums can be purchased here. Free copies of the sheet music can be downloaded here.


1. Do the artists tour this music individually or as a group?

The Lesser Light Collective is a large group of 30+ artists. However, we typically tour The Lamb Wins and The King Dreams with only 1, 2, or 3 artists, depending on financial resources and artist schedules.  Occasionally we have larger events where 10 or more artists come out to give a concert. 

2. What kinds of concerts do you do?

Church Concerts- We share Daniel and/or Revelation in song during worship services, mid-week meetings, and vespers.

School Concerts- We can also share this music with schools for special worship programs or during classes.


House Concerts- For a more cozy and intimate gathering, we love house concerts! A host will open their home to their friends and family to have a special Daniel & Revelation concert in their living room, garage, yard, etc.


Special Events- We share this music at special events like camp meetings, evangelistic series, youth rallies, conferences, etc.

3. Where has TLLC been on tour?

The Lesser Light Collective is based in the United States of America has toured in over 30 states. To see where we've been and where we'll be for upcoming events, click here.

4. How can I request to book a concert?

Great question! Click here to go to our booking page where you will find our booking request form.

5. How much does TLLC charge for a concert?

We do not charge for concerts per se. With the exception of house concerts, we do request a $200-$500 donation from the host venue to help with travel and artist costs. Depending on how many artists a venue requests, this number may change. We also ask to be able to receive a love offering and sell product if the concert ends after Sabbath. We work with venues on a case by case basis to come to a financial agreement that works for both parties.

6. How can I book a specific artist from the Collective?

Yes! If you would like to book a TLLC concert, fill out our booking request form and specify which artist(s) you would like. If you would like to book a specific artist to share his/her own personal music (not associated with TLLC), then you will want to visit our Artist Bio Section and contact the artist through his/her personal web site. TLLC does not book concerts for artists’ personal music ministries. 

7. Do you share this music in other languages?

We only sing the music in English, but we do have many of the songs translated into Spanish. We have shared the music at predominantly Spanish speaking audiences by putting the Spanish and English lyrics up on PowerPoint slides. In this way, the audience is able to follow along with the lyrical content. We are open to doing this in other languages, but do not have other translations for the music at this time.


1. How can I contact a specific artist from the Collective?

We’d love for you to let the artists know you’ve been blessed by their work! To contact a specific artist, go to our Artist Bio Page. Here you will find a brief introduction to each person as well as a links to their websites where you will find more information on how to contact them.

2. What are some ways I can help this ministry?

Thanks for asking! You can help this ministry by making a one-time donation or by becoming a Friend of the Lesser Light (our monthly giving program). You can also purchase products for yourself, your friends and your family. Sharing is a great way to spread this ministry further! If financial contributions are not an option for you, then a completely free way to help is to follow us on social media and to share our content with others (social media link buttons are at the bottom of the page). You can find us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

3. How can I stay informed about the ministry?

Sign up for our e-mail list to receive updates once or twice a month. Also, be sure to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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