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Oh, Daniel


Daniel 6

Words, Arrangement, Vocals, Guitar, Banjo & Production: Joshua Cunningham  

Background Vocals: Jacqueline Cunningham


Sleeping in the lions’ den
Conspiracy of evil men
Could find no fault in me
But for their pride and jealousy
They threw me in the lions’ den

They said, “Oh king, won’t you make a decree?
There’ll be no prayer to man or God but thee
And from thirty days now hence
The guilty’s recompense
Will be sleeping in that lions’ den”

Well, I got down on my knees to pray
Just like I always did three times each day
For my petition and my plea
They said I was guilty
And they threw me in that lions’ den


Daniel, oh Daniel! Lion of Judah on your side
Daniel, oh Daniel! Your Deliverer, He will not be denied

The king in sore distress and grief,
Well, he labored for to rescue me
But no earthly king can save
That old lions’ den’s a grave
No escaping from that lion’s den

And at last he said there is no hope for me
But for the God I serve continually
And a stone was brought and laid
At the mouth of that lions’ cave
He sealed me in the lions’ den


The king went to his royal bed
Well, he could not eat, sleep had fled
At the break of day he came
Made haste and called my name,
“Are you still in that lions’ den?”

Well I said, “Oh king, live eternally.
I was found blameless before God and thee
Well I trusted in His name
So an angel came
Shut the mouths inside that lions den.” 


Well my Deliverer can deliver me
‘Cus just like me He was
Sent to death by evil men
Condemned without a cause
Three days three nights with a stone shut tight
In a tomb in the ground He lay
Through death He defeated the power of death
Conquered the enemy

So one morning soon and very soon
The King will call you from your tomb
That old roaring lion’s been slain
No more power in the grave
Delivered from that lion’s den


Just like Daniel, oh Daniel
Lion of Judah on our side
Daniel, just like Daniel
Our Deliverer, He will not be denied
My Deliverer, He will not be denied
Our Deliverer, He will not be denied

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