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Boys in Babylon


Daniel 1:3-21

Words: Jennifer Jill

Arrangement: Delon Lawrence  

Vocals: Delon Lawrence, Lee G, Jennifer Jill  

Production: Delon Lawrence



Daniel, Daniel, what’s cool?  I serve God in Babylon
Daniel, Daniel, you fool! We serve God in Babylon

All the boys in Babylon, and none were playin’ hooky
Ashpenaz chose them ‘cuz they were all good-looking
All of them remembering their mothers’ good cooking
As they thought about the food and wine the Babylonians ate

Daniel made his mind up he would not defile his body
Seeking out permission from the chief who thought it odd, he
Said, “I could lose my head,” but Daniel said, “Then you can watch me!”
And he asked for ten days with only veggies on his plate

Trial soon over, and they made evaluation
Daniel and his band would represent the Hebrew nation
Judges all agreed they made a fine representation
They were handsomer and smarter than the other boys at school

Think about this story now and let it be a learning
You think rejection’s coming, yet it’s true respect you’re earning
But ultimately, favor of our God, the greatest yearning
And hearing His, “Well done!” Who really cares about what’s cool?


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