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The Party


Daniel 5

Arrangement, Bass, Guitars, Synthesizer, Rhodes & Percussion: Billy Otto  

Additional Words: Jennifer Jill  

Vocals: Joshua Kross, Sarah Otto & Billy Otto  

Ambient Guitars, Synthesizer & Ambient Keys: Joshua Kross  

Production: Joshua Kross at Kross Studio Australia & Delon Lawrence


We were at the party
The King and Queen were there

A thousand lords with our hands in the air, we didn’t care
But we did inquire; it was our desire to know the words on the wall 

Gold and silver taken from the temple
All the boys in the mix, all the girls with the drinks
Sipping down wine in the moment
Praise to the gods we’ve made
Praise to the gods who rave with us


Straight away the fingers of a human wrote
A flash came and brought an end to the senseless mirth
Faces pale, I was scared
Joints went slack, and knees went knocking 

Yeah, the king, so desperate to know the meaning
“Bring them in!
The wise Chaldeans, sorcerers and all magicians”
He was so terrified
He even vowed rewards,
“You understand? Does anyone understand?”

The Queen spoke saying,
“I know, I know a man named Daniel
He has wisdom from heaven and knowledge and light
Maybe he could he could save this night” 

I was at the party, I glorified myself
My days were numbered; I didn’t heed my convicted heart
Babylon is fallen, how these walls came down
Surrounded by all these Persian hoards, this is my last breath…

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