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The Seven Trumpets Blow


Revelation 8-9

Lyrics, Music, Piano & Vocals: Jennifer Jill  

Narration, Vocals & Production: Delon Lawrence

Music, Lyrics & Piano: Jennifer Jill  

Production: Delon Lawrence


In the silence of heaven angels wait
As the prayers of saints ascend
With the seven last trumpets trembling in their hands

Angel fills up the censer—altar flame
Casting it to earth and then
The lightning and thunder precede the trumpets’ blast

First trumpet sounds—hail and fire
Mingled with blood and thrown down
And a third of the earth and the trees and the grass consumed
Then the flames swallow whole a mountain-spire
Down into the sea it’s thrown
And a third of the sea and the creatures and ships are doomed

With the third blasting horn, a falling star
Wormwood a’burning bright
And a third of the rivers and springs turn to poison drink
And the fourth trumpet sounds—near and far
Bringing in the black of night
With a third of the sun and the moon and the stars extinct

Then an eagle cries from the heaven afar
“Woe, woe, woe to earth!”
For the trumpets remaining three are soon to sound

And now for the fifth—a fallen star
Key to the Abyss held sure
And the smoke billows out bringing darkness to all around

Oh, the seven trumpets blow
Oh, a world of woe
Turn away from sin and flee to the Savior

And the locusts come forth in a horse-like form
Stinging like a scorpion tail
Crowns of gold, lion’s teeth, women’s hair as their wings give speed
And for five months war for Apollyon
Till the sixth trumpet wail
Then a voice from the altar: “Loose those at Euphrates!”

Two hundred million horsemen loosed
On mission of death set out
Breastplates the color of fire and the hyacinth-red
And those breast-plated horses, lion heads
Searing fire from their mouths
A third of mankind by these plagues then left for dead

Oh, the seven trumpets blow
Oh, a world of woe
Turn away from sin and flee to the Savior

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