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Babylon Is Fallen!


Revelation 17-18:8


Lyrics: Jennifer Jill  

Music, Chorus Vocals & Production: Delon Lawrence

 Rap: Jennifer Jill & Lee G

She gets her power from their lust, she breaks the bond of every trust

Sits upon the many waters and the kings shack up with her
She rides upon a scarlet beast, that violates the pact of peace
Seven heads and ten horns, she rides so high bedecked in pearls
She’s a shameless fashionista in her purple, red and bling
And she holds a golden goblet full of every evil thing
She’s got stamped upon her forehead that she’s Babylon the Ho
And she drinks the blood of martyrs who have told the people so
The heads and horns are mighty kings, they give their power to the beast
They will war against the Lamb until at last the tables turn
The many waters? Multitudes! She molds their thoughts and attitudes
But at last the kings will strip her, eat her flesh and make her burn
“She is fallen, she is fallen!” Prophet heard the angel cry
“She’s the haunt of every demon, hateful birds within her fly
“All the nations drank her potion, all the world has drunk her wine
“Now she’s fully brought to ruin, every asset in decline”
Oh, come out of her, my people! Flee her sins and sicknesses
God will pay her back the double, for the power is really His
All her pride and sensuality consume upon her bed
Death and mourning, plague and famine, double portions on her head

Babylon is fallen, is fallen, is fallen!
Babylon is fallen!

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