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Blunders & Blessings

Our last concert in Florida was at REACH Sarasota. Lee G, Jennifer Schwirzer, and Christa Deana started out the concert as usual with "The Lamb Wins." Then they went on to perform "Laodicea." All went well until Lee suddenly blanked on one of the verses of the song. He began to sing different words and repeated the verse over and over again, almost free styling to keep from stopping. Jennifer continued passionately playing the guitar, unaware of Lee’s lyrical difficulties. Christa Deana calmly continued crooning “Laodicea,” and I was walking in the back of the church worried, but curious how this would all turn out. Lee kept repeating the verse that says “Knock, knock, hello! I’m at the door, outside your church, do you hear my call?” However, instead of saying this line, he said that Jesus was knocking on the doors of our hearts so that we would be transformed. Lee shared later that this was the first draft of the verse he had written and he kept repeating it until he got the right version so that he could continue the song. Eventually, Lee got back on track and the song ended smoothly. I was relieved, somewhat amused, and hopeful that it would work for good.

After the concert, a man came up to Lee and told him that he had never been to REACH Sarasota before. He said that he came because he was riding his bike by the church the other day and heard a loud doorbell. He thought that God knocking on the door of his heart and wanted him to go to church. Then, he stopped his bike and looked on the ground. What he saw confirmed to Him that God was leading him to visit REACH Sarasota. There on the ground lay a broken doorbell- he even brought it with him to show Lee. Then the man said that when Lee kept repeating that God is knocking on the doors of our hearts, he was convinced and so joyful that God confirmed yet again that He was waiting at the door of this man’s heart. Wow! God used Lee’s apparent “blunder” of repeating the wrong version of the song to reach this man in a powerful way. I am always amazed to see how God is at work in every detail of our lives and work. Even when we mess up, or think we mess up, He can turn it for good. May you be encouraged by this testimony and Scripture:

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

- Hillary Givhan


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